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Peter V. (Ocala, FL)

Dr.Fixit for Lasik complications:

I have been unable to see without glasses or contacts since birth. As an adult I constantly dealt with Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contacts which required constant cleaning and were uncomfortable every time the wind would blow, or the pollen was out. At the age of 30 (1998) I had Lasik for the first time. It was awesome seeing without glasses or contacts. Unfortunately, the time was short as I regressed over the next 6 months. At the one-year mark I had a touch up Lasik procedure and regained my vision for another 6 months. In the end the Lasik procedure did more harm than good. In 2014, my optometrist (and good friend) recommended Dr. Gulani. Twice a year for the next five years he kept referring me back to Dr. Gulani, but I was gun shy. I didn’t want to do more damage than was already done with the Lasik procedures that I already had. Finally, five year later, I relented and made my appointment. On entering Dr. Gulani’s office I met a group of patients that drove several hours just to sing Dr Gulani happy birthday. I was shocked. Who does this? Two minutes later Dr. Gulani entered the waiting room walked over to me and introduced himself. Wow, I have never had that happen. After the singing was over, I spoke to the other patients who sang and asked them why they came just to sing him happy birthday. The response I got gave me all the confidence I needed to have my procedure even before going into the exam room. The response was, “I come here every year, drive two hours to bring him a cake and a bottle of Dom Perignon. When someone gives you your vision back you want to thank him every year”

I went into the exam room and had several tests. I then spent 45 minutes with Dr Gulani explaining the procedure several times. He kept asking me to ask questions and since I didn’t know what to ask, he proposed questions and answered them. From the minute I walked in the door I felt like family, not a patient. I booked my first lense replacement procedure, but Dr Gulani wanted me to come back for another pre-op appointment with my wife to make sure all our questions were answered. Honestly, what doctor is going to spend another 30-45 minutes with a patient that already agreed to have the procedure. It’s like buying a car and having the salesman say wait, drive it again just to make sure you like it. So, we came back and scheduled the procedure. I came back a week later and had my first eye done. The surgery center is awesome. I felt like I was welcomed into his house by family members not by nursing staff in a surgery center. I was a little nervous, but the procedure went flawlessly and the second eye was scheduled two weeks later. I am 6 weeks post op on the first eye and 4 weeks on the second. I wanted to wait some time before posting anything so I could give true synopsis of my results. Well, here it is. I wake up every morning and I can see without glasses. Let me say that again. I WAKE UP EVERY MORNING AND I CAN SEE WITHOUT CONTACTS OR GLASSES. I have never been able to do that since birth. I have to use readers for small print but I am typing this letter without any corrective lenses. I still struggle with my night vision but that seems to be getting e little better every day. I couldn’t be happier. I should have done this 5 years ago.

Dr. Gulani is a special doctor. He cares about his patients and their results over everything else. The experience in his office is second to none and I couldn’t recommend him more. Don’t wait. Get your vision back today.

– Peter V.

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