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Paula E. (Conroe, TX)

I am a Trial Attorney and I was 20/400 in my eyes because of my previous Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery and also Fuchs Dystrophy and Cataracts. It effected every aspect of my life. Reading, working, everything.

I did extensive research and travelled from Texas to see Dr.Gulani 

At GVI, our experience has been Great! Everything, everyone was wonderful.

As for Dr.Gulani; Love him!

He was able to perform a delicate Cataract surgery through my RK incisions, Fuchs dystrophy and Pigment Dispersion syndrome and I already see much better.

Dr.Gulani has great skills; he is more educated than any other eye doctor I’ve ever met. 

Absolutely will and have referred my Attorney Colleague from Texas to fly to him!


Paula E. Esq,

Attorney at Law

Conroe, TEXAS

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