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Pamela Q. (Sydney, Australia)

I had pinguecula in my eyes with constant redness.

After thorough research, I found Dr. Gulani to be the world’s leading authority on Pinguecula surgery.

I also called and he spoke to me personally. Dr. Gulani was the only doctor that would listen and understood my concerns.

I travelled thousands of miles to see him and had a great experience at GVI in Florida.

My experience at GVI has been Very good.

Dr. Gulani is a very nice doctor. Cares for his patients.

He performed his “No-Stitch” technique for me and my eye is clear again. When my eye clears up even more as I heal, I will feel more at ease.

I think his skills and bedside manners are Great!

I shall recommend everyone to fly to Dr.Gulani

Pamela Q.

Sydney, Australia

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