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Officer Richard W.

I have Fuchs disease of my cornea ( My vision had progressively gotten worse over the past 12 to 20 months. I had lost most vision in my left eye and my career as Code Enforcement Officer was on the line. I had a lot of trouble with driving especially in low light conditions. I also had cataracts and Astigmatism in my eyes.

My eye doctor in Gainesville, knew of Dr. Gulani’s advanced surgeries and sent me to see him. My experience at GVI was very good and Very informative!

Dr. Gulani took the time to explain everything from my disease and problems, to the procedure I would be going through. He then made sure I understood everything. He never pressured me for a decision. I felt more like a friend than a patient.

He is a wonderful Doctor as well as a wonderful person. His bedside manner when dealing with me made me very comfortable and calm. He performed a special Lens implant surgery (Toric IOL) to correct my cataracts as well as my astigmatism. The surgery gave me back my career and life. I am able to see things again that I feared I had lost.

I have my life back and it is continuing to get better each day.

I believe Dr. Gulani’s skills as a surgeon are impeccable. He seems to be ahead of our time in his fieldHe is also the only doctor who has every personally called me during my recovery at home. Most doctors have one of their staff make the call, but not Dr. Gulani. That was a nice personal touch from him

I have already referred a co-worker who also suffers from Fuchs disease and is having a very difficult time. I reassured her that there is help for her at Gulani Vision Institute.

Patient is enjoying riding his bike without his prescription glasses.

Officer Richard W.
Dept of Correction; Gainesville,Florida

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