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Officer Quincy R. (Virginia)

My vision was terrible without glasses or contacts before my surgery. I was told previously due to my vision, I did not qualify for certain positions in the military without corrective eye surgery. 

I was very nearsighted and had astigmatism along with thin corneas

I was looking online for Lasik surgeons and began reading about Dr. Gulani.  After interviewing many Lasik surgeons , I realized,  by far he seemed to be the best for me.
My experience at GVI has been absolutely amazing.
I am forever in Dr.Gulani’s debt. I am grateful for all he has done for me.

My vision is well past my expectations. I am now able to pursue new opportunities and task without the burden of my eye sight holding me back.

Dr. Gulani is truly a master at his craft. He takes the time to know the patients’ needs and wants and delivers.  

I definitely would refer anyone to him; without a doubt. 

Officer Quincy R.
Richmond, Virginia



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