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Officer Cameron T. (Ocala, FL)

My vision was horrible. I was unable to see and complete daily tasks such as driving without corrective lenses.

At an eye doctors Lasik appointment, where I was told that I probably couldn’t be helped . I heard that Dr. Gulani specialized in surgeries that others couldn’t be done.

My experience at GVI was absolutely amazing, the amount of effort and time taken to help me far surpassed by highest expectations.

Dr. Gulani is a lifesaver, He has enabled me to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a Navy Seal. I’ve never met a doctor who has displayed more concern for their patients.

After my surgery I feel like I have a chance, and that my goal isn’t so hopeless. The fact that I can now see without any speaks for itself.

I don’t know much about what it takes to do the surgery, but without glasses or contacts I was as good as blind.

I will absolutely refer others to GVI. Everyone I encounters that needs corrective surgery.
Officer Cameron T.
 Ocala, FL.

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