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Nurse Whitney B.

I had very bad vision before I met Dr. Gulani and it became increasingly worse as time went on. I am 40 I never felt people could see me hiding behind 4 year old glasses.
I found Dr. Gulani out of desperation. Not only did I have poor vision, but I was going through bottles of eye drops daily for Chronic Dry Eye. On his website I read all the testimonies and his achievements.

As soon as I met Dr. Gulani, I was overly confident and impressed. All my fears about my eye care future were laid to rest.

I wouldn’t let a Lasik eye doctor touch my eyes if you paid me. Now, knowing Dr. Gulani, and his brilliant God-given talent, I would let him do any procedure to my eyes in confidence and trust.

I feel wonderful and so blessed. I have 20/25 vision up-close and far away, a result that is unprecedented in my case.

Dr. Gulani’s passion, expertise, skills, and relentless pursuit of perfection for every patient he sees are mindblowing, very inspirational and contagious.

I will always refer others to GVI! There is no other choice.



After spending 5 minutes with dr. G, it’s obvious he is a “Da Vinci”, a “master artista” of the eye. He is not one to be told “this is good enough” or “it can’t be done”. No, he is too driven, passionate, brilliant, and compassionate to ever give into mediocracy. It is this mentality that makes him a rarity amongst all other eye surgeons. I’m glad to know that Dr. Gulani was unafraid to step out of the masses that follow cookbook eye surgery procedures. What he does is truly custom specialty eye surgery and his voice comes from people that can see again like me.
There is another side to Dr. G that few talk about, he is a Giver. It’s easy for people to be Takers, but Dr. Gulani spends relentless hours Giving. He Gives his knowledge freely to other eye surgeons on a global scale.
He also Gives time to local children hospitals. I love how even though he must be serious and professional, he still has the best sense of humor and has the childlike heart of Patch Adams. For me, that is who Dr. G reminds me of. This explains when I saw a red nosepiece at Target, I thought “I’m going to make Dr. Gulani wear this!”. We had so much fun taking this photo!
In addition, I would like to add that I just got back from touring England’s countryside. In April, everything was in bloom, and I’m an avid gardener. I was in pure bliss! I had PRK done two months before I left. I know I wouldn’t have been able to see the beauty I saw without Dr.Gulani’s level of precision and perfection. With tears welling up, thank you Dr. Gulani for what you do!

Whitney B.
Ponte Vedra, FL

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