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Nordie F.

I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Gulani now for four years. I initially had a pterygium growing on my left eye for years and went to see Dr. Gulani to get removed. Dr. Gulani clearly explained to me what a pterygium was, what causes it, and was very knowledgeable with the disorder. He was able to surgically remove the pterygium and performed an amniotic membrane transplant.

Just recently, it was discovered that I have Dry Eye, which I was able to read and understand more about at He was able to perform an innovative procedure to open up my tear glands. I was very happy with the results, his professionalism and with the post-op care. He even went above and beyond in giving me a personal call after hours to check on how my recovery was going.

I highly recommend Dr. Gulani to anybody for his work and expertise in ocular care. In addition, the staff at the Gulani Vision Institute are always friendly and courteous.

Nordie F.
Jacksonville, Florida

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