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Nancy L. (Arizona)

I had Lasik surgery at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and they did Monovision- Distance in my non dominant eye. My vision made me feel off balance. Other doctors gave me contacts and glasses. Neither one solved the problem.

I looked for the best Lasik surgeon and my eye doctor suggested Dr. Gulani.
He had recently corrected my Fiance’s eye (he had previous RK surgery) and I had seen his interactions with him during his visits to Dr.Gulani.
I Felt comfortable right away. Dr. Gulani is passionate and thorough. The staff is VERY friendly and has assured every moment in the office is a comfortable one.
Dr. Gulani reviews each person very carefully and considers a numbers of options. Choosing the one best for the individual. He knows his stuff.

Vision is so important – Dr. Gulani is an educator and doctor- The absolute best for such an important procedure and his passion is contagious.

Absolutely! I already have referred my friends who want their Lasik surgery corrected.
Nancy L.

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