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Mohammed E. (Cairo, Egypt)

Gulani’s institute! That’s what I was told, so I said hmmm okay why not let’s see what we can do. in my mind, I was sure that nothing would happen and I won’t have a good vision or be able to see properly.

I planned everything, finished my papers to come to the US to JACKSONVILLE and I came with no hope.

I had 2 surgeries in Egypt 🇪🇬 and one in Dubai UAE so I came with no hope although my doctor in Dubai That i have to thank very much because my vision improved so much after the two surgeries I had I in Dubai in 2017 and he is the one who told me about DR Gulani.

I came here and I had an appointment at 11 I entered and found no patient except me so I thought that this place is not that good and that was wrong thoughts. I found that I have only to wait like 2 minutes to enter for my turn and I stayed doing examinations and reports for like 30 minutes on machines then I met Dr. Gulani himself and he examined me for like an hour and talked for like another hour . Can you imagine the no one rated cornea surgeon have that time for me. so I was shocked.

Back in Egypt i remember one day I had to go to a doctor not to mention his name I waited from 6 PM to 2 AM and then his assistant examined me for 3 minutes and he entered told me that’s you are at your sky limit and you would never see any improvements so here I noticed the difference.
I have been through examinations and machines many times but that was my very first time to be examined about my brain responses.
So yes 10 out of 10 was my reply on every question he asked about the difference between without glasses and with the readings he is expecting to have.

All my friends, relatives, family, even thE loved know how hard time I have been through because of my bad vision and they know well that I faced many obstacles. Driving, reading, doing anything was so hard and that’s happened until I felt bad for my self.
So yes he is the most inspiring man I have ever met.

He is a kind person. It’s like family, he said.
So yes I accept your invite for the challenge tomorrow at 11 PM for the first surgery and when we done we will go into the next one.
It’s ArunGulani.

يا الله انت الشافي المعافي فوضت امري اليك 🙌-

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