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Michael C. (Japan)

I had very very bad vision due to multiple radial Keratotomy cuts and Irregular Astigmatism and no one in Hawaai, California or Japan could correct my vision
I read book for one hour had to rest eyes for 3 hours.
I had very complex 36 incision RK and Dr.Gulani was able to correct my vision in minutes. Painless.
He is God’s Gift to the World to fix damaged Eyes; A perfectionist!
Dr.Gulani himself performed my tests and saw me himself for three days before surgery and then did his laser RK corrective surgery (LaZrPlastique®), so I felt very comfortable.
With the precision of the surgery, I am seeing 20/20. This is unbelieveable but so is Dr.Gulani’s skills, innovations and Passion.

Michael C.
JAPAN & Honolulu, Hawaii.

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