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Medical Rep Suzanne Y.

 My vision was Terrible! I had worn contact lenses since I was 10 years old. Recently, they became very uncomfortable, so I had to resort to wearing glasses. I ride horses and do a lot of outdoor activities. Wearing glasses made doing these things very difficult.

I found Dr.Gulani after rsearching pinguecula online.I have a pinguecula on my right eye that I believed was the cause of my discomfort with my contact lenses. Dr.Gulani’s expertise in successfully removing pinguecula led me all the way to Jacksonville.
While I had originally come here for a pinguecula surgery consult, I ended up leaving with better than 20/20 vision! Dr. Gulani explained that my contact lenses were contributing to the growth of the pinguecula, and that if he removed it, I would have to wear glasses only.
After a good discussion with Dr.Gulani, we decided to do vision correction, and a pinguecula removal later. Best decision ever made!
Dr.Gulani is the first doctor I came to who was interested in looking at the ENTIRE picturewhy did I have pinguecula? How did my contact lenses affect it? He sent me in the best direction for the health of my eyes and my quality of life. I am forever grateful!
Skills, personal care, qualifications- Couldn’t be better!:)

I work in the medical field, with many specialists. It is very rare to find a busy surgeon at the top of their game who is as personable and genuinely caring as Dr.Gulani’s and takes the time to truly educate the patient.


Suzanne Yanowitz
Medical Rep and Pharm
Tampa, Florida

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