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Mary M. (Ocala, FL)

My vision had gradually deteriorated over the years to the point that I could go nowhere without my glasses. In fact, I finally had a restriction on my driver’s license. I could read NOTHING. My eyes were red and looked so old.

My local ophthalmologist referred me to Dr. Gulani. My eye Doctor had been to a presentation by Dr. Gulani and said, “if they were my eyes, I would go to the best, and that, in my opinion, would be Dr. Arun Gulani.”

My experience at the Gulani Vision Institute has been like no other doctor I have ever seen. The best word I can apply is PERSONAL.

Not only is Dr. Gulani a brilliant surgeon, he makes you feel cared for as an individual. From the moment you walk in the door, there is a comfortable familiarity from all of his staff. It’s just such a different experience than I have ever had.

Dr. Gulani is, quite simply, a special human being. He is passionate about giving his patient’s the best sight available with cutting-edge technology. His enthusiasm for his work coupled with his perfectionism and confidence combine to make him a real standout.

He first performed his” No-Stitch” Amniotic surgery for my pterygium turning my eyes to a flawless white.

A few years later when I had cataracts, he corrected my farsightedness and cataracts using special Multifocal Lens implants followed by Advanced Lasik surgery.

My eyes keep getting better every day. No more red eyes, no more cloudy vague sights, and NO MORE GLASSES EVER…what a gift – to have 20/20 vision for the rest of my life…I feel so fortunate…and my eyes are now clear and bright.

I would recommend Dr. Gulani to ANYONE. My husband has also had Advanced Cataract and Advanced Laser surgeries with Dr. Gulani and sees 20/20.

In fact, my son had an appointment with him to correct problems he is having from a previous Lasik treatment several years ago with another surgeon in Atlanta. If I would recommend him to my own child, I think that says how confident and trusting I feel about Dr. Gulani.
Mary M.
Ocala, Florida

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