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Marnisha G. (Korea)

 I had red,  blood shot eyes from pingueculas in both eyes

I had researched Dr.Gulani to be the best in the world and my friend from St Croix had also travelled to Dr.Gulani for superlative results of her surgery. 

I have been Dr. Gulani on line for 2 years and decided to travel to him from Korea.

My experience at GVI has been Above excellent.

Dr. Gulani is Professional, passionate, educated and sharp.

He performed his “No-Stitch” technique and I am so pleased with my pinguecula surgery.

Our experience with Dr.Gulani has been well above your typical Dr’s experience.

I shall recommend patients international, national and especially military counterparts to travel to Dr.Gulani.

Officer Marnisha G.
U.S. Army stationed in Korea

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