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Lt. Col. John P. (California)

My left eye had had several vision procedures over a span of 30+ years. While those procedures game me fairly good vision, cataracts were becoming an issue for low light, environment, and night driving.

I consulted other eye surgeons in southern California and was dissatisfied with their responses, centering on the fact that I had had RK. I re-search articles and newspapers and technical journals, and found Dr. Gulani.

My experience at GVI has been Excellent. The staff was experience, efficient, and cordial. Dr. Gulani gave me more of his time than any other physician I have ever seen.

Dr. Gulani is a unique, formidable surgeon. His passion to use his skill to help others is remarkable

I am two days post op. all the signs are very good, time will tell.

Since I could not watch the procedure from the other side of my eyes, I can judge only by the results. Education of this patient was remarkable far beyond my expectations.

I will absolutely refer others to GVI.
Lt. Col. John P.
Redlands, CA

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