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Lolita T. (Ohio)

My vision was not too bad considering I was -2.00 per eye, but I got timed of depending on glasses/contacts. (i.e what if I got lost in the wild or got kidnapped and did not have my glasses/contacts. I would not know what to do since I could not see) Now – it is awesome!

I hear about Dr. Gulani from my vision insurance looked at ratings, other people’s opinions, his expertise in all areas related eye/vision, his confidence.


I had an awesome experience with Dr. Gulani. The staff is great, doctor is great (wish I could have watched the monitor during the reshaping process- very curious)


I felt very confident, Dr. Gulani always seeks for the best, ambitious, always a student, personable, hard working.


I can tell when it’s a busy day at the office though. Makes me want to study under and become an eye doctor myself.


I Already told friends and co-workers. Maybe I’ll convince my family to finally get surgery done in Fl at GVI.


Lolita T.

Jacksonville, FL

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