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Linda G. (Lake Wales, FL)

I let a pterygium grow on my right eye for about 25 years, until it began affecting my vision. I had put off surgery with my ophthalmologist because of his description of the discomfort I would have from the stitches and a long recovery time.

I did a lot of research on pterygium surgery and was so fortunate to find Dr. Gulani’s website, When I read about his amazing procedure to remove the pterygium and use “glue” to close the incision, I told my opthalmologist about it. He said if he needed this surgery himself, he would want to see this doctor!

I was amazed that I was able to get an appointment and have the surgery the week after I contacted Dr. Gulani’s office, but amazed DOES NOT begin to explain how I feel about the outcome of the surgery. When Dr. Gulani told me how very large my pterygium was and that I had a lot of corneal scarring, I was prepared to settle for not as good an outcome as all the testimonials I’d read. Was I wrong!!!!

When I looked into the mirror( next Day after the surgery) and saw a PERFECT eye, I could have cried. No more ugly yellow bands of tissue and red streaks stretching across the eye and no more “cloud” reaching toward the pupil.

As an added bonus, Dr. Gulani also said he was able to improve my vision in that eye. He is truly a gifted surgeon. He is passionate about his work and about sharing his techniques with doctors around the world. I’m on a personal crusade to make

Dr. Gulani known to all the doctors in my home town, and I will put the word out every way I know how to tell people about him and his wonderful work. I am pleased beyond words with Dr. Gulani and his staff.

Linda G.
Lake Wales,FL

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