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Lauren S. (Charlotte, NC)

 My pinguecula made my daily life difficult because I felt uncomfortable looking others in the eyes and my confidence was dwindling.

I heard about Dr. Gulani from reading posts on message boards where his past patients wrote about their positive experience. I did my own research and his found his credentials and reputation to be stellar.

My experience at GVI has been very Pleasant.  I like how often  Dr. Gulani and his staff called to check up on me every day.

Dr. Gulani is very confident in his work and yet very down to earth and honest and made sure that he answered every question that I had.

He performed “No-Stitch” Amniotic surgery for my pingueculas and It’s only been a few days since my surgery and my eyes look whiter already.

I would recommend anyone with pinguecula to visit Dr. Gulani.

Lauren S.
Charlotte, NC


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