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Larry L.

I had severe nearsightedness and thin corneas and also a corneal scar in my right eye so we planned a two staged surgery for the right eye and one stage for the left eye.

Dr. Gulani performed ICL surgeries on my right and left eyes within days of each other.
The vision is Amazing. 

I have gone from seeing 20/500 in both eyes before the initial problem to 20/20 in my left eye. 

Dr. Gulani has returned my vision in my right eye back to better than 20/50. He is planning on performing his Advanced Laser Vision surgery to make sure the vision is perfect. The left eye is already 20/20.
Dr. Gulani’s goal from the onset was to return me to “perfect” vision. 
His confidence never waned and he is the eternal optimist.  
He assured me from the first visit that he would not rest until he had achieved my goal of being free from my glasses.
Larry L.
Jacksonville, FL


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