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Kate D. (Texas)

My right eye was almost legally blind from a corneal scar, and it really hindered my personal and family life. 

I heard about Dr. Gulani through a support group on FB for Acanthamoeba Keratitis. A doctor  in the group shared how Dr. Gulani had restored her sight after AK had scared the corneas in both her eyes.
My experience at GVI was incredible. I’m excited to come back from my next procedure!
Dr.Gulani is passionate about his work, and wants to share with other doctors so more people can experience having their sight restored. 

I am confident I am on my way to 100% recovery! I’m very excited that I am able to be treated by Dr. Gulani. He gets an A++ in all of these areas. Very few doctors are strong in all 3 areas, and this is key to being a successful doctor. 

I definitely will share on the AK Facebook page. One friend has already inquired about Dr. Gulani.

Kate D.
Georgetown, TEXAS

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