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Kassandra P.

My vision was not too bad and was easily corrected, however I was getting to a point that I could not wear contacts due to an allergy. I never consulted w any other doctors, besides my eye doctor, because of the recommendation I received for Dr. Gulani.

My aunt (C.J., who had her Laser Vision Surgery with Dr. Gulani and still sees better than 20/20 five years after surgery) had told me about Dr. Gulani.  I had never thought of corrective surgery because the idea scared me, yet when the allergy formed before a planned trip to visit my aunt she insisted I go see Dr. Gulani while I was in town.  The professionalism of the staff and Dr. Gulani’s confidence put me at ease, and I felt I could not be in better hands. 

I was put at ease.  I feel everyone truly cared about me and getting the best results possible. Any time I call the office I still get the same feeling.  I can not imagine finding a better doctor nor would I even try.

 He is just BRILLIANT!!  But more than that he really cares about his patients and getting them the best results possible.  My vision is perfect, and it makes life so much easier.  No more contacts to clean or buy, or to even put in first thing in the morning.   No glasses that fog in in-climate weather.  These tasks that seemed so mundane took so much time and effort that I didn’t even think about until I no longer needed to do them.

My overall opinion of Dr Gulani is one of Astonishment. 

He is not only an amazing surgeon with only perfection in mind, but he explains everything to you and in a way that is easy to understand.  He spends as much time with you as needed to make sure you are comfortable, I never felt like I was wasting his time. 

Honestly, when Dr. Gulani was seeing me, I felt like I was the only patient he had to see that day.  The feeling was always, he is doing all he can to make my vision perfect, while making me comfortable. 

I live in Indiana, and have already had people ask me why I went all the way to Florida when we have plenty of doctors right here that can do the same thing, yet when I tell them about my experience they realize that there are no other doctors at the level Dr. Gulani is at and that these other doctors can not do the same thing. 

So far everyone that I have spoken to that has had Laser vision correction here had a lot of pain or have had to have an “enhancement” or re-surgery.  So yes, I would recommend to anyone to go all the way to Florida to see Dr. Gulani!  

Kassie P.
Wheatfield, Indiana


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