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John T. (Russian Mission, AK)

I was very near sighted in one eye.  I also had halos and starbursts around lights at night due to my previous Lasik surgery with another surgeon.  These were major distractions in my personal and business life.

I searched the internet for options for Lasik Complications.  I decided to travel all the way from Alaska to Florida to Dr.Gulani after reading testimonials from other patients who had similar experiences to mine.

My experience at GVI was very positive.  The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

I feel that Dr. Gulani is an expert in his field.  It is clear that he cares about his patients and wants me to have the best vision possible.

I am optimistic that my vision and quality of life will improve as I recover.

I believe that Dr. Gulani’s surgical skills are advanced.  He takes time to educate patients.

I shall refer anyone anywhere in the world to travel to him

John T.
Russian Mission, Alaska

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