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John M.

I was being treated for Wet Macular Degeneration with both ocular drops and injections. There was no improvement in the condition. I was informed that any additional injections would not reverse my condition. My vision in my right eye was seriously limited to marginal peripheral images mainly light and dark objects. The center of vision was completely black. I sought a second opinion with Dr. Gulani at the Gulani Vision Institute.

The diagnosis was confirmed and further explained that the cornea was also deteriorating and was creating major discomfort to the eye. The eye was monitored for several months, treated with ocular drops, minor surgical procedures to remove dead cornea tissue which made me more comfortable and to prepare my eye for surgery.

A course of action was discussed which included removal of an old cataract replacement lens, insertion of a new lens behind the iris and finally a partial cornea transplant. It was hoped the procedures would restore some peripheral vision and make me more comfortable in the long run.

Dr. Gulani’s expertise and concern for the patient cannot be over emphasized. I have been advised of all the positives and negatives involved in all the decisions and procedures and have total trust in him.

He performed his DSAEK surgery for me despite my very difficult anatomy and status of my eye.

Dr. Gulani will always take time to explain and clarify any questions that may arise. When I experienced any symptoms, Dr. Gulani and his staff always were able to rearrange schedules to get me “in” as an emergency visit. While I am still undergoing treatment I can say that I feel that my peripheral vision had improved to a point where the “dead” spot in the center of my eye has diminished and the periphery has cleared up so that I can distinguish objects rather than just forms. 

Dr. Gulani’s surgical skills, professional knowledge and awareness of new technology were main reasons I chose Gulani Vision Institute. In addition, Dr. Gulani’s true concern for the patient is evident in all his actions, and I consider him a patient’s doctor.

I highly recommend Dr. Gulani to anyone seeking vision solutions whether in Jacksonville, Florida, the United States or anywhere in the world. His practice is on the cutting edge of new technology and procedures and his positive attitude offers hope for patients with severe vision problems.

John F. M.
Jacksonville, Florida

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