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John L.

I had Fuchs Dystrophy of my cornea in my right eye. Being a science teacher it became harder to read textbook and to dissect. I need to make anything into a larger font size. My wife would read the street signs when driving.

A co-worker of my wife had Fuchs dystrophy too and told me about Dr. Gulani. She was very pleased with Dr. Gulani’s surgery.


My experience at GVI has been very good. A very friendly and helpful staff, all are a listening staff.


Dr.Gulani took time to describe everything that dealt with my vision and surgery – he had real concern for me. He performed his advanced DSAEK transplant surgery for me and

I can see to read (do not need large print). Even my bowling average has gone up. I have gone back to leading worship and bible studies. I can now see out of both eyes.


[Dr. Gulani’s surgical skills] are very good. Dr. Gulani is world famous and also knew my eye surgeon in Kansas City which was a plus. I like that he was interested in what I did and took that extra time to answer questions.


I have already referred [Dr. Gulani] – a lady from my church who recently found out she hasFuchs Dystrophy.


John L.

Kansas City /Jacksonville, FL

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