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JoAnn M.

I have had a pterygium on my left eye for thirty plus years but because of wearing contacts, it did not grow or bother me. However, back in August my eye began to turn red, itch, run water and feel real scratchy. I could not wear a contact on this eye and I realized that my sight was being impaired.

I immediately went to my optometrist, Dr. Ellen Fitzgerald, in Douglas, Georgia and she said I had an inflammation in my eye. We doctored the eye for approximately three weeks but it did not get better. When she re-examined my eye she realized that the pterygium was growing. She said it was time that the pterygium came off. 
She gave me several doctors’ names and I asked her: “Where would you go if it was you?” and she immediately told me Dr. Gulani in Jacksonville, Florida and that he was excellent and could perform surgeries that no else could.
On my first appointment I was extremely pleased with Dr. Gulani and his entire staff. He did many tests and told me the pterygium did in fact have to come off before it scarred me eye. He explained all of this in a way I could understand it. He was very caring and compassionate. His staff is very friendly and always helpful. His staff called me on the way home Tuesday afternoon after my surgery and he personally called me at home to check on me the night of the surgery.
My experience at the surgery center was also great. Everyone there was exceptionally caring and concerned. Because of his professional and skilled manners, I felt no pre-surgery anxiety. I felt I was in good hands and that eased my worries. 
It has only been two weeks since my eye surgery. I am still using the drops and some times it is uncomfortable but NOT painful. My eye is still healing and I have faith that it will be 100% successful. 
I am sure I chose the right doctor for my surgery. He is concerned about his patients, has a personal touch and always has time to answer questions or explain situations to you. His surgical skills are a state of the art and I am so impressed with his teaching skills and the fact that he is willing to train other doctors
I will definitely recommend Dr. Gulani for any eye surgery. He is one of the best doctors that I have ever met.
His exceptional knowledge combined with his true passion for his work makes me know that I chose the right doctor. I will drive any distance to his office to get the care that I got.
JoAnn Metts
Douglas, GA 

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