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Jill G.

My vision has been getting worse over the past couple years. It has affected my hobby of quilting in that I have been unable to focus on the small things such as threading needles.

My husband was referred here for possible eye surgery. I came because when I walked in with my husband Dr. Gulani told me I had very dry eyes. I wasn’t even the patient and made this observation.

Wonderful, no waiting, very professional, every one of the staff also, very organized call you by the name when you come in and always personable and friendly.

Dr. Gulani is the most professional doctor I ever been to not only in his dress and appearance but he takes the time as if he had on other patients.

My vision has improved with the first steps he has taken before my dry eye and lasik complicaiton correction surgery; I am looking forward to life after my surgery.

Phenomenal, I have no concerns about my upcoming procedure. He has educated both my husband and me as to what will happen. He has taken so much time with us and I have no worries or concerns.

Absolutely, I have already given out Dr. Gulani’s information to two persons.

When I first came here with my husband he spoke to both of us and made sure each of us understood the procedure and were comfortable with what  was going to happen.

Jill G.


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