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Jessica F.

I had a large pterygium on my left eye that would get inflamed and painful and looked very unsightly. It gave me low self-esteem and the pain was depressing!

I found Dr. Gulani through vigilant google searching and seeing pictures and hearing his patient’s testimonials made me decide to make the 250 mile trip to see him.

“Every staff member at GVI has been extremely helpful and caring. Dr. Gulani is a true master at his work and only ever had my best interests in mind. I can’t say enough about this world class vision institute!”

I could never thank someone like him enough, he changed my life! I feel so blessed that he has such passion for only the best in his field. He is truly a remarkable Doctor and caring person.

“I am excited! My eye looks so white, I keep staring in the mirror.”

 Dr. Gulani is just remarkable, and my experience at the Gulani Institute could not have been better.
I will Absolutely refer people who seek the best to see Dr. Gulani!!!
Jessica F.
Seminole, FL

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