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Jelena R. (Toronto, Canada)

My vision was o.k. but my quality of life due to trying to deal with my chalazion was awful due to having to try to use hot compresses 15 minutes four times a day to un

To successfully open my meibomian glands and get the chalazion to drain. I was very distraught and stressed.Researching chalazion and dry eye on the internet, I witnessed a video of Dr. Gulani performing MGP and several others that impressed me greatly.

My experience at Gulani Vision can be summed up in one word-PERFECT. All my expectations were surpassed from how I was treated as an individual and how my issue was treated.

As for Dr. Gulani, I can not imaging a doctor more knowledgeable, capable, passionate, professional and with more respect for his patients. I would never trust anyone but him with my eyes.

He performed Meibomian Gland Probing and my eyes are 100% better. My quality of life has instantly improved because my eyes are healthy and I now have someone I can completely trust with them.

Dr. Gulani is exceptional in every way and has a very rare sensitivity which allows him to push the limits of what is possible, yet always do what is best for his patient’s eyes and peace of mind.

I will recommend everyone and anyone to Dr. Gulani with the greatest confidence and pleasure.

Jelena R
Toronto, Canada


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