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Janie S.

My pterygium surgery with Dr. Gulani had a Great impact on my life, after the problem was solved, and I do my part to stay healthier.

I heard about Dr. Gulani from the News on TV 47, news station, the best is what I look for when I’m having a health issue.
He performed his“No-Stitch” technique and I feel Great. I have my life back!! People can see the difference in me.
“Dr. Gulani is a great Doctor and God bless his heart, mind for helping people.”
Any problems I may have had are now under the care of a great vision doctor, before anything bad happens.
Lord, has blessed him with his talent for helping and teach other surgeons of what he knows.
I have and shall continue to refer everyone to him. Yes very much so!!


Janie S.
Jacksonville, FL

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