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Jan W. (TX)

I have so much to say, but I want to say it efficiently. I have had 2 botched surgeries—lasik and Catatact—plus I have extremely dry eyes and astigmatism. Because my husband and i were willing, we often moved for his job. I am a retired educator, so I could usually find a job, once our sons started school. Flashback 15 years ago to my first true need for an eye doctor. Enter a doctor in Plano, Texas. Who had done more lasik surgeries and had more endorsements than any other. I felt he could also fix me—WRONG. Note—bad surgery #1. Shortly after I had enhancements on both eyes to no avail. I have been through a series of doctors who concur that my corneas are horrible and my eyes are very dry. No solutions—just facts. Then we moved from Oklahoma City back to Texas to retire. I was on 10-15 drops per day to try to keep my eyes from blurring, burning, itching, etc. I had cataract surgery in Denton, Texas. After that I had another procedure to remove scars from previous surgeries. Nothing worked.

I was sitting in the living room of our Colorado Cabin late at night. I was so frustrated by poor vision. I prayed a short, simple prayer asking God to direct me to someone who could help me. I was at my wits end. When I opened my iPad and ran a search Dr. Arun C. Gulani’s name popped up. I spent all night and most of the next day combing through the website. I was used to being treated like I couldn’t possibly know the issues I was enduring with my own eyes (so patronizing and placating). I was used to having to return to old protocols whenever we moved as I guess doctors have only a few tried (but failed)) tricks up their sleeves. However, my faith told me that Dr. Arun Gulani was different. I filled out paperwork and submitted it. Within a few days I had a response—an invitation to come to Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. I visited with several of the ladies that work with Dr. Gulani, and each is a person of value and quality! Dr. Gulani—the first doctor in 15 years—told me he could help me. I could have cried. Someone could help me. Someone wanted to help me. Someone assured me he could fix me.

Dr. Arun Gulani is an enthusiastic, life long learner, who still loves what he does! He is a breath of fresh positivity to talk to. He not only talks the talk, he also walks the walk. Every ophthalmologist should be required to sit at the feet of Dr. Gulani and learn how to treat patients, how to go past the basics, and how to explain to their patients what’s wrong and how it can be corrected. I feel like one of the luckiest ladies in the world. God directed me to Dr. Gulani. Praise be to God for His help.

I am now a patient and follower of Dr. Arun Gulani. He began with my left eye. The first procedure he did was M.O.I.S.T therapy. I immediately dropped 15 eye drops in each eye
🎉. He performed LaZrPlastique on me. I could watch him while he painlessly, with no blades or shots, took off all of the scarring and reshaped my eyeball! It is taking a bit longer to heal, but it was a complex procedure. Between my husband, Dr. Gulani and I talking through the healing process, with so many visuals of my left eyeball in real time, WE decided to postpone the right eye surgery for a few weeks. It was the right decision for me, and after ALL of the facts were discussed, a corporate decision was made. There was respectful conversation, absolutely no talking down to anyone, and a decision that is particular and individually correct for me!

For anyone hunting for an eye specialist, who has been told “you don’t qualify,” there is nothing left for you to try, etc—believe them no more.

Gulani Vision Institute CAN help. And Dr. Gulani will see you, set up a personal, individual plan just for you. No cookie cutter plan for this doctor! H believes each person is different, and therefore, no 2 plans are exactly alike. This man is the GOAT, but he’s even more!!! He’s a PEACOCK. I’ll explain the PEACOCK in my next post.

If you know ANYONE who has eye issues, look up Dr. Arun Gulani/Gulani Vision Institute. The website included the people he has treated, his education, testimonials, it is beyond obvious that Dr. Gulani loves his work and his patients!!!

Jan W.

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