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J. Hunter C.

I have recently completed a highly- successful procedure know as advanced surface ablation with chemical modulation through the Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, FL.

The circumstances are unique, and are indicative of the expertise of Dr. Gulani. In the year 2000, I had Lasik surgery on both of my eyes, correcting my vision from worse than 20-4000 to 20-20 vision. The surgery required two applications to each eye, leaving me with a cornea with two surgical incisions. In April 2003 I was diagnosed with multiple myelona cancer, which required some rather debilitating chemotherapy. The side effects of this chemotherapy caused significant changes to my eye. I lost my 20-20 vision, acquired double vision, and had cataract developed in both eyes. After the chemotherapy was over, I had the cataract removed and artificial lenses implanted, thus introducing a third surgical corneal scar. Unfortunately, the new lenses did not bring my eyesight back to 20-20.

At this point, my ophthalmologist fitted me for glasses, which I found exceedingly bothersome. I then asked what else could be done. At that point I was referred to Dr. Gulani, whom my ophthalmologist described as “the only ophthalmologist with the background, training, experience and equipment to apply any further treatment”. Dr. Gulani examined me, and saw the extreme difficulty of having to determine what the initial Lasik surgery had done to the cornea of my eyes, take into account the artificial lens implant, as well as the three surgical scars on each eye. Dr. Gulani took on this most complex problem, and was miraculously able to restore my sight to 20-20 vision.

From this experience, I cannot recommend too strongly that the Gulani Vision Institute and Dr. Gulani be consulted on any vision problems that one might have. This is especially true if one has unsuccessful or marginally successful Lasik surgery in the past. Dr. Gulani is uniquely qualified to correct such situations that others would view as hopeless.

– J. Hunter C.

Amelia Island, Florida

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