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Greg L.

I had an aggressive, inflamed pterygium which not only was cosmetically unacceptable but was the source of discomfort and degrading vision.


I learned of Dr. Gulani from the web and then contacted Gulani Vision for additional info which led to a visit and exam so that a decision could be made regarding surgery.

My experience at Gulani Vision Institute was above all expectations!

Tiffany and all the other staff were extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable when a question arose.  All people greatly exceeded the norm for a “typical” doctors visit. 

Not only is Dr.Gulani a top notch surgeon and ophthalmologist, he obviously cares tremendously for his patients.  Super nice individual and superbly skilled surgeon.

The pterygium is gone and I am much more aware of how to help prevent recurrence.  I expect to be back to a more “normal” life after the healing completes.

Dr. Gulani was willing to tackle an “atypical” case and performed surgery to correct it.  Again, he is top notch both personally and professionally.


I shall absolutely refer patients to him..


Greg L.

Bentonville, Arkansas

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