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Gloria V. (Texas)

Accepts, Performs and Delivers; for the WORLD:
Being an Attorney, I did my research (Reviewed Dr.Gulani’s website over 8 times) traveled from El Paso, TX all the way to him in Florida since no surgeon I saw felt confident in correcting my vision due to extensive Radial Keratotomy cuts and scars along with high irregular astigmatism and Advanced Cataracts. I heard of Dr.Gulani from one of our Attorney friends in Texas whose RK (Radial Keratotomy)complication he had successfully corrected.
What an experience it has been with Dr.Gulani! Just one wow to another. Not only did he accept my complexity with empathy, but cared for me like family while performing an exquisitely complex surgery using his artistic skills in his SPA like surgical suite with no pain or injections and as I walked out of surgery (yes, not on a stretcher), I was further surprised by a birthday cake staff had arranged for me which we enjoyed. Later, staff calls to check on me at our hotel and then Dr.Gulani himself calls to check on us at night.
Amazing, next day morning we see him and I am seeing nearly 20/20 and ready to fly back home to TEXAS. Cant wait to come back for my second eye in a month.
Dr. Gulani is unique and one amazing person.
My wife and I just didn’t want to leave his office. A man of great stature, but yet so humble.
My trust and confidence in Dr. Gulani is such that I would put myself in his capable hands again
Thank you Dr. Gulani you gave me the freedom to see without glasses .
My biggest experience was when I took my eye exam at the TEXAS Department of Safety passed the eye exam and have no restrictions
on my drivers license. Thank you Dr. Gulani you are one amazing doctor, truly is one of a kind.
Thank you to his staff who help us from day one over the phone, from making contact with Dr. Gulani to travel arrangements. Great group of ladies. Yes, we are part of your family.
We are now part of the GulaniVision Family; Truly Out of this World!

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