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Geraldine J.

To all who have been suffering from the heartbreaking news (like myself) that nothing can be done about your dry eye irritations, the removal of scar tissue or your desire for crystal clear vision… you do not have to suffer anymore. I have finally found a doctor who is committed to and is on the cutting edge of ophthalmic medicine, to resolving these (and many other) eye issues.

Hello, my name is Geraldine, and I have been suffering from chronic dry eyes, as well as deteriorating vision, that eventually aided in the formation of a yellowish growth on the whites of my eyes called pinguecula.Growing up in Puerto Rico (during my pre-teen and teenage years) where the sun was always shining and the winds picked up during hurricane season, one can only imagine great fun; however because of the lack of protection it was inevitable that my eyes would somehow loose their brilliance. It wasn’t until I went away to college in northern Texas (where again the sun shines brightly and the wind storms kick in) that I started noticing the whites of my eyes no longer white, but red. I decided it was time for an eye exam in hopes that something could be done about the bothersome dryness and appearance of my eyes.

I came away with a routine eye exam and a bottle of artificial tears. I applied for a job at an optical store (to support myself thru college and gain some knowledge of the eyes) when I decided to further educate myself by becoming a certified optician. It was then that I met and worked for several doctors (optometrists in particular) who all prescribed numerous eye drops telling me that I was suffering from allergies. When returning to the doctors over and over again, I was eventually informed all that could be done has been done. Talk about disappointing. My husband & I have moved 8 times since leaving Texas 15 years ago, we currently reside in Florida. During the summer of 2006, people were constantly asking if something was wrong, my eyes were in a constant state of irritation therefore red. I could not take the discomfort or appearance of my eyes any longer and searched for yet another doctor in hopes that modern medicine had made a breakthrough.

A local optometrist suggested that I call an ophthalmologist by the name of Dr. Arun Gulani, who he knew would be better suited for tackling this issue.In such desperation I called Dr. Gulani at Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, FL and an appointment was made promptly. I met Dr. Gulani who was not only enthusiastic and personable with a deep concern for my problem, but also honest. Dr. Gulani immediately informed me that I suffered from pinguecula and that my eyes were severely dry. The first correction would be to plug the tear ducts (in the inside corners of my eyes) so that any moisture naturally occurring on account of my blinking would remain on the eyes for a longer period of time. The result was instant relief.

During that very same visit, Dr. Gulani educated me on what COULD be done to correct ALL the problems I was having with my eyes. I was amazed by his understanding of the situation, and the “yes, I shall strive to help you with these problems” pledge.I walked away from Dr. Gulani’s office without feeling any pressure in making a decision regarding surgery.

He insisted that I explore all options before making any surgical decision. More importantly, I walked away knowing that I had finally found a Doctor who was caring (despite his World Renowned status), willing and able. Surgery was scheduled for Nov 2006. Dr. Gulani performed his advanced surgical technique using amniotic tissue with glue (No Stitches) to replace the discolored portion of my eye where the pinguecula had formed.

Only one day after pterygium surgery, I was asked to look into a mirror Success!!!!!!! The white of my eye was white once again. Once I had healed, I was ready to tackle the next problem—Advanced Laser Vision Surgery (to correct my vision and to eliminate the use of contacts or glasses). February 2007, the above surgery was performed in Dr. Gulani’s state of the art medical facility (Gulani Vision Institute). Now, I can actually say I have crystal clear vision (my vision today is better than 20/20. It is actually 20/15). My eyes have not looked or felt this good in over 15 years. It has been a year and a half since my surgeries and all I can say is thank you to Dr. Gulani for giving me the vision that allows me to not only see better, but look and feel better than I have in a long time. I wish to share my story as I have seen many of your postings online. If you are suffering from any or all of these similar symptoms, take the first step to change your life by contacting Dr. Gulani in Jacksonville, Florida at 904-296-0393/ Believe me, he is there for your individualized need.


4 years later…still doing great


– Geraldine J,
Jacksonville, FL

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