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George H.

The vision in my left eye was “0” on a scale of 1-10. I was almost blind in this left eye, legally blind. Driving was suffering and every day life was difficult.


My eye doctor knew of Dr. Gulani’s advanced surgeries and referred me to him


At GVI everyone is very professional, and everyone was helpful and nice. Dr. Gulani was so assuring and helped us with everything.


I had his KeyHole Transplant surgery (DSAEK) and am already seeing compared to traditional transplants that other eye surgeons do.


Dr. Gulani is such a professional and has such a passion for what he does and truly wants patients to be able to have a life.


I now have a quality in my life, especially since I can see better.


Dr. Gulani is very assuring in what he does, he gives you a education about what he is going to do. Very professional and has such a passion.


Two Years After the Surgery:


I am still doing Great!


My follow up care has been Outstanding!


Will I refer patients to Gulani Vision Institute? Yes! Yes! Yes!



George H.

Jacksonville, Florida



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