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Frederick J.

My vision was becoming very blurry and my eyes were always irritated and extremely red.  [My eyes] affected my business life; being in the construction field, I need to have good vision without the hassle of having them irritated all the time. 

My wife did extensive research on the internet and found numerous testimonial from patients, and it convinced her to search further.  She found Dr. Gulani, who she said was the best, and she wanted the BEST for her husband, because she wanted it done right the first time even if it meant traveling from the Bahamas to Dr.Gulani. 
Our experience at Gulani Vision Institute has been amazing. Dr. Gulani is the BEST doctor ever.  You can trust him with your eyes and be comfortable and confident knowing that you have the greatest doctor in the world.
He performed his“No Stitch” Amniotic graft surgery for my pterygium and here I am (this is my second eye. My first eye is doing great when I cam to him last year).
I feel so confident and reassured knowing that my problems have been corrected.  I have Gulani Vision! His surgical skills are impeccable, and [Dr. Gulani] uses state of the art technology.  He thoroughly explains what he’s doing and he genuinely cares and gives that one-on-one time with his patients. 
I would recommend patients from all over the world to come here. It is worth the travel.
Hubert Frerick J.
The Bahamas

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