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Felcia F. (Honohulu, HI)

I have had legal blindness since Nov 18th 2015. I was really hanging on by a thread, hoping for a cure.

I researched for quite some time – didn’t want to give up the dream of having my vision restored. Thankfully I found GVI and Dr. Gulani

My experience at GVI has been Like a wild ride – Dr. Gulani is unconventional, very experienced, confident, took me by surprised. Liked watching surgeries and talking with the other patients.

Dr. Gulani truly has a Generous spirit, truly has found his calling.

I’m so relieved that my vision has been restored after surgery. I feel like my life has started anew.

Dr. Gulani feels it’s important to let other Docs know of what truly is possible for patients like me.

I will absolutely refer others to GVI! I already have.


Destination of my great American Road trip, Gulani Vision Institute. Flew from Hawaii, drove from west to the easy coast to meet with Dr. Gulani. After being told “no” by top eye docs in the nation, Dr. Gulani said yes, to this very challenging surgery. An incredible journey to restore my sight and my life! Thank you Dr Gulani.!
Felicia F.
Honolulu, HI

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