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Erica D. (California)

My condition had gotten to the point where it was bothering me all day every day, yet other doctors refused to acknowledge the discomfort I was in.  They insisted that pinguecula was not a big deal.

I heard about Dr. Gulani through web forums with other patients that had pinguecula I heard ONLY positive things from all of Dr. Gulani’s patients that had surgery.  It was convincing enough for me to fly from California and get ride of my pinguecula.

My experience was GREAT! I felt comfortable and listened to.  The latter was the most important thing for me because I have grown tired of doctors just looking at symptoms and not listening to me as a person.

Dr. Gulani is a miracle worker.  I could not be happier.  

I am still recovering, so my vision is a bit blurry, but the irritation and the pinguecula are gone! What’s better than that?!

I already have recommended a friend that needs a corneal replacement.  I have also spoken to numerous people that are interested in the different procedures that Dr. Gulani performs.  I will also be back for my vision corrective surgery because I no long trust my eyes to any other Doctor.

Erica D.
Marine Biologist, California

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