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Engineer Sammy K. (Australia)

I had Pingueculas on both sides of both my eyes.

I heard of Dr. Gulani from my extensive research and also from the Internet – chat sites from people with similar problems.

I went to many specialists in Australia and they told me there is not much they can do, I’ll just have to use drops and live with it.

At Gulani Vision Institute, the whole experience is Amazing!

Everyone is so kind and welcoming. I really felt at home and appreciate how considerate and thoughtful all the staff and Dr. Gulani are. Thank you!

After what I have read and seen for myself, I know he is the best at what he does and puts so much pride into his work. Dr. Gulani also considers more than just the surgery side of things but also how the patient feels which is very rare.  


I feel that by traveling all the way to Jacksonville, Florida, I have given myself every opportunity possible to achieve that I had been searching for all these years.

I think he is an amazing surgeon, who’s interaction and personal touch with patients is second to none.

I have no doubt in my mind that he is the best at what he does and when it comes to your eyes that is a huge relief.

I already have recommended him to everyone I have spoken to so far. I only have good things to say after my experience here.

In general I am very thankful the World is a smaller place and that I have had the chance to be treated by the best surgeon in his field.

Thank you for making my stay here as pleasant as any surgical procedure can be and again thank you for being so kind, caring and friendly – being so far from home it is much appreciated to have that experience.

Sammy K.




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