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Eirika B. (Colorado)

My vision was good however I had a thing had a large impact on my life.  Not only was my eye painful, dry and irritated all of the time I found myself not making eye contact and hating my reflection in the mirror, especially in florescent lighting. 

I have researched dry eyes on the internet for several years.  Dr. Gulani’s name came up several times in different dry red eye forums.  I checked on of Dr. Gulani’s former patient Zarella Bast who described her superlative experience with Dr. Gulani. 

My experience at Gulani Vision Institute has been very good. Everyone was very attentive at checking on my progress.  Prior to my procedure and trip to Florida I always felt that I could call and that my questions would be answered. 

Dr. Gulani is very likeable and although he is “to the point” he is caring and made me feel comfortable.

 He performed Advanced “ No –Stitch” Amniotic surgery for my pinguecula, I am still recovering.

The former redness is gone and I am very excited to see my eye when it is fully healed. 

Dr.Gulani is obviously very knowledgeable about his profession, explains the condition and procedures in laymans terms so that the average person, not familiar with medical terminology can understand. 

 His personal call to check on me on a holiday weekend and wanting to see me one more time before I went back home to Colorado was reassuring. 

 I definitely will refer people to him. 

Eirika Brown


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