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Dr. Olin M.

Almost could not see to write the documentation needed for my part time job semi-retired etc , etc. Great discrepancy in image eye/eye to other-Near.

I discovered Dr. Gulani through a fortuitous article in local paper intact. Once I got to GVI, I received absolutely red carpet spectacular treatment, caring, personalized, customized for me.

My dad was & will always be my hero-Now he has good company.

After Surgery, my vision is Night and day!! Fabulous-better than I can recall to 5-6 years old (I’m 69). Blown away-So much much better, even without glasses I can see individual tree leaves and fine needles across the street now. Loving life all over again.

The world would be so much better if Dr. Gulani could be cloned, but don’t think that will happen soon. Wonderful meticulous surgical artists/sculptor. I have a new friend as well as my eye doctor. He’s stock with me, so I will also with him.

I will tell anyone in the world to call me or come see Dr. Gulani 

Dr. Olin M.
Jacksonville, FL

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