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Dr. Margarita B. (Beverly Hills, CA)


With my right eye I could see neither near nor far due to my previous Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery. Being a physician , this caused depression, as I thought I would be blind.

I found Dr. Gulani after extensive research for RK treatments. I then asked my ophthalmologist in Beverly Hills, California about Dr. Gulani, and he confirmed my choice and referred me to Dr.Gulani so I travelled from Los Angeles to Florida.

At GVI, my experience here was enjoyable.

Dr. Gulani  is very confident. I really like that I finally found a doctor willing to help me. He was able to perform a special Laser ASA surgery for me and I could even see while under the Laser – Immediately
I hope that my vision will improve continuously in the coming weeks, and that I will finally be able to pursue my life goals.

I like that Dr.Gulani has an individual treatment for each patient. He is very enthusiastic and confident. He encourages patients and lifts up spirits and yet is so personal with high integrity.

Definitely, I shall refer my family and friends from California to him

Dr. Margarita B.
Los Angeles, California.

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