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Dr. Carol S. (Washington, DC)

I had a pinguecula which became a Pterygium and became more and more uncomfortable and was growing into the pupil.

I did a search on pinguecula/Pterygium and Dr Gulani’s name came up. I was impressed by his surgical videos on the excision and of amniotic graph. I consulted in the Washington D.C. area and they wanted to do an autograph taking out of my eyelid – this is more invasice and I want to.

My experience at GVI Went very smoothly. Dr. Gulani is Great Doctor, creatice and innovative. He is an expert at doing this surgery and I had confidence in his abilities. I am thankful he uses the newest and best technology for my healing.

I just had surgery but it was practically painless – went very smoothly.

I will absolutely refer others to GVI. — Dr. Gulani is the best and unique in his field.
Dr. Carol Sakai
Washington D.C.

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