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Dr. Alberto L.

I was having problems with both near & far vision. Also colors were not as vibrant due to my problems with my previous Lasik surgery (with another surgeon) and cataracts.  

Being a physician, I did research and asked other doctors and also had recommendation from employees.

Our experience at GVI has been absolutely first rate, not just local but nationwide & worldwide. 

Dr. Gulani is a man passionate and driven to helping his patients. Also, through his teaching to other physicians, all other patients.  

My cataract correction has permitted me to not need glasses for over 95% of what I do.  With this latest Laser procedure even better! 

cataract.  He frequently goes where few surgeons go and fewer do well.  He goes far beyond visual care”.  

Of course, my wife had surgery with him and is thrilled and I shall recommend people to fly to him like we did.

 Dr. Gulani is an inventor, author, outstanding surgeon and teacher to other eye physicians.  If you want to have an eye procedure done with the highest possibility of success, he would be the person to see.  

Dr. Alberto L.
Irving, Texas

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