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Diana N.

I had Lasik about 12 years ago with monovision. Over time I didn’t feel like it was working when I was diagnosed with cataracts. I knew I needed to get updated vision. I was wearing glasses when driving as well as “readers” for very close work i.e. sewing.
I Saw GVI online and read reviews and was impressed with number of people getting surgery from around the world.

My experience at GVI has been Great. Very professional but still friendly.
Dr. Gulani is s a wonderful and gifted Dr. who goes above and beyond in trying to perfect someone’s vision. He is top notch in surgery and seems to always be seeking ways to perfect his surgery and also train other surgeons in his methods.
After surgery my vision was so great after my second eye was done and I remarked to my husband that this was the first time my eyes seemed to work together and see the same thing without straining to see.
I will definitely refer others to GVI.
Diana Nichols
Jacksonville, FL

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