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Della R. (Crystal River, FL)

I had a Pterygium growth on the right eye since 2002 and was causing blurry vision, low self-esteem. Like people always staring at me.

I received a referral from my eye doctor Dr. Ramsay to visit GVI and Dr. Gulani.

The entire staff at GVI Treated us like family and had never met Dr. Gulani or his staff members before.

Dr. Gulani truly treats patients like family; as if he’s known us our entire lives.

After my Pterygium Surgery Very confident and see 100% better than 20/20 vision.

Dr. Gulani uses his own money to speak to people about his techniques, uses no stiches to perform his surgeries. Not in it for the advertising or the money. It’s all about the individual’s needs, not  his personal needs.

I would absolutely refer others to GVI. They wouldn’t get better care from anyone else.

Della R.
Crystal River, FL.

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