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Debra B. (MO)

My vision was 20/100. My vision with glasses 20/70. I had RK surgery in 1995 with scars on both eyes. Also having fuchs which made seeing very unclear.

My doctor back home was not very positive concerning my cataracts surgery what kind of results I would have for vision. I cancelled that surgery and decided to look online for help. I was praying for an answer and found Gulani Vision Institute. I came after reading RK testimonies and seeing results from others.

My experience at GVI has been WONDERFUL. From the moment we walked inside to EVERYONE we met. The staff was kind and helpful. Dr. Gulani was GREAT, very personable, knowledgeable and the best.

I knew after meeting Dr. Gulani that I had come to the right place. Dr. Gulani would do his very best to help me, I would trust him with my eye care; he too wanted the best for me.

My eyes are now  20/20. It is really hard to believe. I enjoy sports and I look forward to playing again. From boating fishing (tying knots) to shooting a hand gun. I’m excited about what change has happening in my eyes.
He is number one. I won’t be looking anyplace else. He educates the patient to understand what is happening and the family is also educated in the plans. He has personal interest in taking the patient to the level for success.

100% without a doubt refer others to GVI!!!   I have already shared with some friends.

Debra B.
Troy, MO

Posted by Arun C. Gulani on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Posted by Arun C. Gulani on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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