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Deborah S. (Rockville, Indiana)

 My right eye was very blurry from my advanced pterygium.  Besides being ghastly to look at, I was afraid it was going to compromise my driving ability.  I could not see well enough to pass a driving vision test.

I found Dr. Gulani following my intense research on the internet and the successes of the no-stitch procedure.  All the positive reports from his patients were unanimous.

My experience at GVI has been Excellent! I will be coming back for my other eye surgery.

Dr. Gulani is very nice, very professional, took a personal interest in my eyes.  He is great!

My eye looks great from day one after his “No-Stitch” surgery. I am more confident that my issues will be restored and regain my sight.

Dr. Gulani is Excellent on all accounts!

I have already made a recommendation to a lady from Jamaica who has pterygiums on both eyes.

Deborah S
Rockville, Indiana

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