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David R.

My vision was fine, but after treatment at an emergency room for muriatic acid splashed in my eye while cleaning my swimming pool, I was referred for a follow-up with Dr.Gulani.Upon examination, Dr. Gulani diagnosed Pterygium in both of my eyes. I had thought that I just had blood-shot eyes. Pterygium can eventually lead to obscured vision and potential loss of eyesight so Dr. Gulani did surgery on both of my eyes to remove the Pterygium.


 I was referred to Dr.Gulani by the emergency room  physicial at Baptist South Medical Center.


Dr.Gulani and staff have always been excellent, fully explaining the condition, proposed treatment, drawbacks and risks, and the follow-up has been just as pleasant.


I have trusted him with my vision and feel confident in his knowledge, skill and professional ability. He is extremely personable and has an excellent ‘bedside manner’. I have the utmost confidence in his medical abilities.

As stated  before, I didn’t have a problem with my vision  and the surgery that Dr. Gulani performed to remove the Pterygium was preventative to me having problems in the future. Had I not been referred to Dr. Gulani, I possibly would have continued to ignore the growths in my eyes would have had extreme difficulties. His procedures are state-of-the-art and were highly successful. It has been almost two years since the surgeries and I have no residual effects. I have been able to travel (four trips to Hawaii) and return to scuba-diving;and my return check-ups are now at 12 month intervals.



My surgery was suture free and almost pain free (there was some obvious discomfort immediately after the surgery, it was after-all on my eyeball); but Dr. Gulani’s pre-surgery discussions and post-surgery care made the experience completely free of worry or stress. Dr. Gulani takes time with you and gets to know you and exhibits a sincere concern for, not only your medical needs, but your personal life as well. He has a picture one of my  grand-daughters drew for him in my medical records at the office.



I highly recommend Dr.Gulani and the Gulani Vision Institute for anyone with vision or eye disease needs or concerns. I have told everyone that knows me who fixed my eye condition, usually having to explain what Pterygium is in the process.


David Reichenberg

Jacksonville, Florida

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