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Claudio B. (Switzerland)


My vision was deteriorating a lot and most of reading and working on the computer was getting difficult. I was using three different eye glasses prescription to be able to perform my daily work.

I did extensive research and also studied online for the best eye surgeon in the world. Dr. Gulani’s vision institute came up with 5 stars. I read the profile and was very impressed about his credentials.

I travelled from Switzerland to Jacksonville , Florida to seek Dr.Gulani.

My experience at GVI has been Wonderful. Dr. Gulani and his staff are very professional and the most important aspect is the care and human touch they take toward each individual patient.

He performed  advanced lens surgery with new generation lens implants and now I can see without glasses at all distances. I can read without having to grab a pair of reading glasses what a wonderful feeling.

I already referred my wife to Dr.Gulani and she had Advanced Laser ASA surgery for near sighted and farsightedness.

I also referred my father in law to him and he had a special Laser technique to correct his
previous cataract surgery.

No limits for Dr.Gulani; he can correct everyone with custom-tailored techniques to perfection.

Dr. Gulani is a very dynamic, caring and excellent eye doctor. Dr. Gulani radiates such enthusiasms about his profession and he is very passionate about designing techniques and technologies he prepares for each individual patient.

Dr. Gulani in my eyes and after going through my challenging case combination of Fuchs dystrophy and cataract is one of the top eye specialist and surgeon.

Dr. Gulani is the top of innovative procedures and he radiates the love that he has for his profession.

My wife and I already telling everyone we know to come to Dr.Gulani from anywhere in the world. Every chance will have we are telling friend, family and acquaintances about Dr. Gulani.

Claudio B

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